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published in 2018

You and I - Stories about friendship and refugees

19 Lemniscaat children's books authors

In the world today, some 22.5 million people have fled their homes, leaving behind all that is near and dear to them, because war, hunger, their political or cultural background, their sexual orientation or something else put their lives at risk.

These people need a place: a place where they are safe, where they feel welcome, and where they can start to rebuild a new and normal life.

The first step to a new life is making friends. In You and I, 19 juvenile literature authors 

With outstanding contributions by Jan Terlouw, Gijs Wanders, Margaretha van Andel, Ariënne Bolt, Alyze Bos, Pieter Koolwijk, Jesse Goossens, Joyce Pool, Mireille Geus, Carolien Ceton, Anna van Praag, Jowi Schmitz, Peter-Paul Rauwerda, Ellen van Velzen, Lenneke Westera, Eva Moraal, Marloes Morshuis, Sjoerd Kuyper and Annet Huizing, ranging from poetry to autobiographical stories, and from historical events to science fiction. But with one thing in common: a warm heart for all those who have had to flee from home.show how friendship transcends all borders and cultures, ethnic origin and sexual orientation. And that refugees are welcome here.

A heart-warming, hope-giving and indispensable book in every bookcase and school classroom.

the Shadows of Radovar

Marloes Morshuis

A grey city, a very dark system, a fight for freedom

Jona and her parents, little brother and grandmother live in Starlight: one of the huge apartment buildings in Radovar. The inhabitants of this grey city have been subjected to a scoring system that determines your social position. Families who work hard enough earn extra points, which raises them to higher positions – literally. Those who score demerits end up as an Undergrounder, or worse, in an Underneighbourhood.

Most of the people in Radovar have accepted the system. If you refuse to participate, your

 whole family will be condemned to misery. For that reason Jona keeps silent, but she avoids the Starlight life as much as possible. Her only friend is the unconventional caretaker Zalman, who lives deep underground.

Then Jona is rudely confronted with the darker sides of Radovar. Grandma is forced to move to a building for elderly people, and the cleaners of the Grey Brigade turn out to do more than just sweep the streets. When Jona sneaks outside and meets the street urchin Kilian, she becomes involved with a resistance group who seeks to reveal Radovar’s true nature. Jona discovers that the shadows of the city hide more secrets than she ever realised before, and soon finds herself in great danger.

Once again, Marloes Morshuis has created an intensely exciting and engaged juvenile novel that also casts today’s world in a different light.

Sample translation is available. For more information contact Sascha Duijvestijn (sascha@lemniscaat.nl)

The Mice

Lenneke Westera

When the mice pop up, life takes a surprising turn

‘That Wednesday I had to roll the garbage container to the street curb for collection. I hate doing that, it’s such a stinky thing. But I had to. So I grabbed it by the handle and pulled it away from the garden fence – and suddenly, there they were. Pressed against the lowest board of the fence – all eighty of them. The mice.’

One afternoon they suddenly appear: the mice. Which is odd enough as it is, but things get even stranger when they start talking to Fien... They don’t say much, just the words ‘San Francisco’ and ‘Peru’ – but that turns out to mark the start to a remarkable journey, all the way to America. The mice keep popping up along the way, appearing to give Fien instructions. Which land her deep in the jungle, along with her teacher – who looks suspiciously like a Native American Indian.

With The Mice, Lenneke Westera has created a delightful adventure story: fantastic in every sense of the word. After turning the last page, you can’t wait to run into mice as well – you never know what will happen next!


Mireille Geus

How do you follow your own dreams, as the daughter of a famous father?

Maxime’s dad is the best dad in the world. He was born in Russia. As the most prominent dancer of his ballet company, he travels around the world. Everybody loves him. And above all, he is the sweetest father one could imagine.

But sometimes having a perfect father isn’t easy. Maxime also loves to dance, but she is convinced she’ll never be as good as her dad – and she doesn’t want to disappoint him….

One day Maxime gets very lucky: with her best friend and dancing partner Lev, she is selected to audition for a famous ballet school. As her father is on tour in Russia, Maxime and her mother decide not to tell him the big news. But will Maxime be able to keep her secret if she speaks to her father on the phone? And even more important: if she is really honest to herself… does she really want to devote her life to ballet? All events come to an exciting climax when Maxime’s father suddenly returns home, earlier than expected….

Mireille Geus has written a heart-warming story about parental love, uncertainties and the importance of following your dreams. Mireille Geus studied Dutch Literature at a teacher training institute. She has written all her life, from theatre pieces to texts for the Dutch version of Sesame Street, as well as several books for various publishers. As a writing coach she also helps new writers develop their skills. Her juvenile novel Big was awarded the Golden Pencil Award. www.mireillegeus.nl How do you follow your own dreams, as the daughter of a famous father?

Rights sold: Založba Zala (Slovenia)

Children of the Endless Plain

Ellen van Velzen

A sweltering story about enemies, friendship and survival

When Sen, the son of the chief of the Harati tribe, is taken captive by the their arch enemies, the Barbarians, he fears his life is over. But the Kamarai tribe – as their actual name turns out to be – have something very different in mind: Sen is to take the place of the son of the Kamarai chief, who was killed by the Harati.

However much Sen resists at first, he doesn’t have a choice. Gradually he discovers that the Barbarians, whom he had feared and despised all his life, are not at all the kind of people he thought they were. They also turn out to have very different ideas about life and leadership than the Harati tribe.

Sen learns about mutual respect, about belonging to a group, and about living in harmony with nature. But surely he cannot betray his own people?

Ellen van Velzen, author of the well-known book The Young Kitemaster, transports the reader to the hot and dusty African savannah, where life is hard but incredibly beautiful as well. Just like this book is incredibly beautiful. A touching story about family and pride, and seemingly irreconcilable differences. A novel about a world that is far away, and yet close by.

Published in 2017

The Penknife

Sjoerd Kuyper & Alice Hoogstad

A classic adventure story about the importance of friendship

Mees finds his best friend Tim’s new penknife in his own trouser pocket. But Tim has moved away and now Mees is afraid that people will think he stole it from him. Mees decides to give the knife back to Tim – but how to find him? Mees doesn’t know Tim’s new address...

Suddenly, a marvellous plan pops up in his head. A plan so grand, that his head can hardly contain it.

What follows is the kind of frolicking adventure that only master storyteller Sjoerd Kuyper can write. It’s no wonder that The Penknife has been one of the most popular children’s books for more than a quarter century. The film adaptation of The Penknife won two important Dutch film awards: the Cinekid Film Award and a Golden Calf for Best Director. And on top of that, it also won the prestigious Emmy Award for the best children’s programme.

The Penknife is a timeless book, now published as a superb hardcover book with spanking new illustrations by no one other than the Golden Slate Paintbrush-winning illustrator Alice Hoogstad.

Spurting Arteries and Overflowing Oceans

Jesse Goossens & Linde Faas

A joyful hands-on book for dealing with disasters large and small, from the people who brought you Cola Fountains and Spattering Paint Bombs

In May 2017 the Red Cross in the Netherlands celebrates its 150th anniversary. Everyone knows about the life-saving work the organization carries out worldwide. But what can you do yourself, at home or in your own neighbourhood?

Jesse Goossens has written a manual dealing with thirty-four disasters large and small, for everyone aged nine and up, and she’s collected funny, gruesome and wonderful facts about every possible catastrophe. Because do you know how many bones you can break? How to resuscitate someone? What was the biggest earthquake ever? How to tell a forest fire is coming, or how much blood your body’s got in it?

Linde Faas has taken these facts and brought them together to create a sparkling, joyful whole, a book that’s a pleasure to leaf through as well as an essential reference work for all children, young and old, who want to help make the world a better place.

Part of the proceeds from this book will be donated to the Red Cross.

The Sweaty-Feet Man. Stories about the Law

Annet Huizing & Margot Westermann

The winner of the Silver Slate Pencil writes the ulti mate book about the law – for all ages

You think the law is boring? Then you should read the bizarre but true story of a man with stinking feet who went to extremes to get justice. It didn’t get him anything at all. It did us, though. Thanks to the sweaty-feet man we got a title for our book. Now let’s just hope he doesn’t accuse us of stealing his nickname.

Who would have thought the law could be so varied, funny and interesting? In a book full of exciting stories for children and adults, Annet Huizing, along with illustrator Margot Westermann, brings the rule of law to life.

From rapper Typhoon, pulled over because he was driving an expensive car, to the unjust conviction of Lucia de B. and the man who shouted ‘f*ck the king!’, to whether young sailor Laura should be allowed to cross the ocean alone: based on famous and less famous cases past and present the reader discovers how the law works, what happens in court, how laws are made and how difficult it is to judge, because every case has so many sides to it.

Does a dog have a right to a say? Can you steal back your own bicycle? When are you allowed to clout someone? Why are there rules about chocolate sprinkles? Countless questions are touched upon, whether to make you burst out laughing, to amaze you or to make you think.

The stories are accompanied by cartoon-style drawings and lively infographics about, for example, what goes on in a courtroom, the difference between murder and manslaughter, and the role of the Supreme Court.

A book that shows that the law is everywhere, and belongs to everyone.

The Water Warden of the Wetterlands

Marco Kunst & Marieke Nelissen (ill.)

My name is Toffee. One day I’ll explain exactly how I got that name. But first I’m going to tell you how it all began. It began on a perfectly ordinary Saturday. My sister and I were lazing around on the sofa, watching telly. Incidentally, my sister’s name is Gum. Yes, I know, another one of those weird names. I will explain. Later. There’s just too much to tell all in one go: all that stuff about Husky Horace, the Water Warden, the Marshe, Nuncle Tirry, Rambo’s Marshpad, the Source Chief, Aunty T, the Wishwash and so on. So I Really Must Begin at the Beginning!

The twins Toffee and Gum tell you in alternating chapters about their crazy adventures in the Marshe. Just imagine: their parents – who are always competing to see who is earning most – suddenly receive a letter stating that their mother is the legitimate heir of her great-great-great-great-great second cousin four times removed and thus may claim the Marshe and the function of Water Warden. These parents obviously immediately smell money: a Marshe like that just begs to be turned into a residential area – or so they think... So Toffee and Gum and their au pairs, Limona and Vanilia, are rushed to the Water Warden House.

But it turns out they’re not the only ones who think they can inherit the Marshe. And the Marshe doesn’t want to be built on. In its damp, swampy surroundings strange things are happening – and Toffee and Gum go out to investigate what exactly is going on. But they might just be poking their noses into matters that are none of their business!


Marloes Morshuis

A compelling and shocking international adventure with drastic consequences

Ten days and three hours. That was the time he had spent at Borealis so far. The only good news was that Joppe was no longer afraid that they would kill him. He wiped his hands on his trousers and climbed a few metres higher to view his work from a distance. It had taken hours for him to find enough large branches to form the letters. But now his message was easy to spot on the mountainside. HELP. The only thing he needed now was a helicopter and an observant pilot. Hopefully that would put an end to this nightmare.

Joppe has been kidnapped – and he isn’t the only one. At a cold, isolated Borealis, 180 children from all over the world await their fate, guarded by the Crew and supervised by the Triassic. The children have everything they need in Borealis, but the rules are strict and the fences are high.

When they hear why they were snatched from their familiar world, the children realise that their fate is linked to that of the entire world. The Triassic has chosen them for a special future. Will they cooperate?

The long cold winter is approaching, but the temperature at Borealis is rising. Joppe will do everything to regain his freedom. But not everyone at Borealis is well-meaning…

The Nine Rooms

Peter-Paul Rauwerda

A rich psychological novel in the tradition of magical realism and imaginative narrative

Jonas has been suffering terrible headaches for quite some time. Just when he is home alone, the headaches become almost unbearable. That’s when strange things start to happen. One night, while Jonas is asleep, there is a burglary. When he wakes up the next morning, he discovers that the uninvited guest has cleaned the room and left a big book.

In the book, Jonas reads about a rather peculiar house. When he finds out, later that day, that a house has appeared where there was still an undeveloped field the day before, he can’t control his curiosity and decides to enter...

The house gets a hold on Jonas. Like Alice in Wonderland, he wanders from room to room, and from one bizarre situation to the next. While his head is throbbing, all sorts of events and stories take place that seem to bounce back and forth between dream and reality.

Will Jonas be able to escape from the clutches of the house?

Bee Father

Esther Sprikkelman

A beautiful unassuming debut about first loves, friendship, and how oppressive life in a small community can be

Summer 1985. A terrible event leaves Johanne’s boyfriend Henrico in a coma. He has probably lost his memory, and Johanne is afraid he won’t remember anything about her or their time together.

That time together began a few months earlier, on the day Johanne, her mother and little brother Paulie moved from the city of Utrecht to Warsum, a small village in the east of the Netherlands. When Johanne goes to get chips from the local snackbar one evening and meets Henrico there, she knows after one look into his turquoise eyes that she is in love.

On cassette tapes – in the hope they’ll refresh Henrico’s memory when he wakes up – Johanne tells him about the long, sweltering summer that followed. From that first sight of him in the snackbar, via the wonderful world of neighbour Lomme’s bees in which her brother becomes absorbed, through endless adventures on the beach with Henrico’s friends and the attractive Dora, to that terrible day when...

And everything in between.

With no apparent effort, in astute, almost poetic sentences and without wasting a single word, Esther Sprikkelman draws her readers into the constraining life of a small village, with its loves, quarrels, intrigues... and a big secret.

How Children See The World

Sabine Wassenberg

Philosophy in the classroom

Sabine Wassenberg has been engaging children in philosophy at multi-cultural primary schools in Amsterdam for over ten years. She leads her pupils in discussions on Big Questions, and is unafraid to tackle taboos. Remarkably, how these children reason is often clearer and more direct than how grownups tend to debate. With a completely open attitude, she listens intently to what everyone has to say, which reveals a lot about how children from different cultural backgrounds think. And it forces her to reconsider some of her own entrenched western values.

How Children See the World is an eye-opener for everyone with an interest in the future of our multi-cultural society – and who hasn’t?

Published in 2016

The Last Journey of the Ballerinus

Arienne Bolt
Illustrations: Linde Faas

On Ravi’s birthday, he receives a su bscription to a zoo and meets Sep, an old captain. The zoo tur ns out to be an old circu s. R avi discovers t hat Benno, t he ringmaster, is plan ning to sell t he animals to t he butc her. He decides to rescue t he animals, and t hey all set of f to sea in Sep’s ship to take t he animals home. 

The Bluebell Bunch

Ilse Bos
Illustrations: Linde Faas

There are t hir teen: Pola, Wanda, Vladimir, Wally, Aznar, Knut, Wolke, Mo, Hidde, Nillem, T rina and t he twins Flip and Tammy. They live toget her on a houseboat while t heir mot her is away, but t heir pleasant life is t hreatened by t he Care Agency. The t hir teen c hildren soon f ind t hemselves in t he midst of a whirlwind of miraculous events… 

Moffel and Piertje
Moffel and Piertje dare everything 

Lieneke Dijkzeul

Illustrations: Doesjka Bramlage

Mole Moffel and earthworm Piertje live together in a hole under the ground and experience all kinds of adventures. These books contain aselection of their best stories.

Boss of the World

Pieter Koolwijk
Illustrations: Elly Hees

Ivo and Mila hardly believe what’s happening when the boss of the world shows up in front of them. They become involved in a plan to save the world. And that Boss is more than a dirty tramp gradually dawns on them when they fly off in a shopping cart, end up in a supersonic space in the sewers and discover that Boss can predict the future...

Flea and Spikey

Pieter Koolwijk
Illustrations: Linde Faas

Floyd, otherwise known as Flea, is rather small and constantly being bullied by Arnold. His life isn’t very exciting, until a new student joins his class. Spikey is not afraid of anything and takes Floyd under her wing. He discovers that life isn’t as ordinary as he thought.

Flea and Spikey. Chattering Flies

Pieter Koolwijk
Illustrations: Linde Faas

Spikey discovers that she can speak to flies. Suddenly she has thousands of new friends. But Flea is sceptical. He notices that Arnold’s mother is up to something again.

Ben’s Boat

Pieter Koolwijk
Illustrations: Linde Faas

There is a wooden sailing boat in Giel’s garden. It is the grave of Giel’s brother Ben. Giel and his parents are pleased with the grave, but the neighbours think otherwise. Yet Giel’s father will not give in. He rebuilds his house, which becomes a remarkable structure. Until it becomes clear that he has a plan...

Playing Football in Heaven

Anke Kranendonk
Illustrations: Peter-Paul Rauwerda

Kiet loves playing football. His uncle Levy teaches him how to keep. But then Levy gets cancer. Kiet can hardly believe it. His uncle was never ill, and now, all of a sudden, he is in pain? Will he ever come out of the hospital? And what happens to their training for the football tournament at school?

Captain Kees

Anke Kranendonk
Illustrations: Annemarie van Haeringen

Kees has been given a boat for his birthday. One fine day, he goes for a ride in the boat with Bas, the neighbour’s dog, and his guinea pig Hector. The trip is so pleasant that Kees decides to cross the big river and take a look on the other side. 

The dive

Sjoerd Kuyper
Illustrations: Sanne te Loo

The Pontoon Bridge in Willemstad, Curacao, harbours a secret: anyone who swims under the bridge goes back to the past. With his father, Roly makes several trips to the past. But one evening, Roly’s father goes alone, and he doesn’t come back. 

The Big Book of Robin

Sjoerd Kuyper
Illustrations: Marije Tolman

Who doesn’t know Robin, Sjoerd Kuyper’s wonderful five-year-old? Here we have an omnibus of all prize-winning Robin tales: Robin and Suze, Robin and God and Robin in Love.

Long Live Robin!

Sjoerd Kuyper
Illustrations: Marije Tolman

Long live Robin!is the second colourful collection of Robin stories, in which all the familiar characters return: daddy, mummy, Knor, Suze and granddad. Tiny toddler events become enormous adventures. You can leave that to Sjoerd Kuyper!

Robin and God

Sjoerd Kuyper
Illustrations: Marije Tolman

Awarded the Gold Slated Pencil in 1997

So what is it with God? According to Robin’s father, God doesn’t exist. But grandpa thinks that God does exist, and also thinks he knows a lot about it all. It turns out that God is not so simple – certainly not when you think up as many questions as Robin. 

Robin and the Shooting Star

Sjoerd Kuyper
Illustrations: Marije Tolman

It’s summer, and Robin lives in the new house near the school. With Robin and the Shooting Star, Sjoerd Kuyper again proves the irresistible appeal of the little boy.

More than a Year with Julia and Ot

Erik van Os & Elle van Lieshout
Illustrations: Sandra Klaassen

They always know best, just like all young children: Julia and Ot, sister and brother. In cheerful stories about everyday events that every parent will recognise, we enjoy a whole year in their lives.

The Stargazers

Beatrijs Oerlemans
Illustrations: Peter-Paul Rauwerda  

A little ship f loats on t he ocean, wi t h a remarkable crew on board: Mar tin, h is cat Max, and t heir neighbour Rose. When t hey see a meteoric shower, ever yone makes a wish. Th at brings t hem past ot her islands, remarkable people an d dangerous animals. 

Bert and Bart and the Zombie Army
Bert and Bart Save the World

Tjibbe Veldkamp
Illustrations: Kees de Boer

Bert and Bart are fond of reading zombie comics, but their mother wants Bert and Bart to become more sportive. She hires a Brain Squeezer who takes away their comics. Bert and Bart come up with a plan to defeat them. In Bert and Bart Save the World, Bert and Bart are protecting the world with thei anti-Zurgh weapons. Their mother disapproves and takes the weapons away. Then a spaceship lands on top of their house… 

In Transit (ya)

Margaretha van Andel

It is the year 2275. Rheyn b-71 and Levya c-35 have completed their studies and make a trip to the reserve of the mysterious growlers, a type of ape that looks very much like humans. The trip has radical consequences, both for the boys and for the growler that crosses their path. Aag.

I (ya)

Margaretha van Andel

Daniel has been in a wheelchair for three years, ever since he got into an accident while joyriding. Then he discovers that he can swap places with a Daniel in a parallel world – a Daniel who isn’t paralysed, and who lives a completely different life.


The Castrato

Joyce Pool

A sizzling young adult novel about passion, music and lust in the Italian Renaissance

De castraat

I was taken away from my sister and aunt Mariana Ignatia to be killed.
What had I done that made me earn this terrible fate?
My head throbbed and from my groin a burning pain scorched my abdomen and thighs. I did not know that it was possible to feel pain in heaven. Wasn't everything supposed to be beautiful and gentle and fine?
Apparently not.
Another sharp sting. I cringed. I put my hands on my stomach. Then lower. To the side of my crotch. I felt a bulge.
Gently, I slid my hands over the bulge. What was it? A piece of cloth? I touched it, wiggled my fingers underneath.
The stuck fabric tore loose from my leg and I almost cried out. Thank God I was able to keep quiet. Did one ever scream in heaven ...?

Angelo wakes up in a nightmare.
It looked like his dream had come true: even though he is born as a tanner's son, he is chosen to follow vocal training at the Conservatory in Florence. But what he did not know, was that he would be emasculated.

The setting is Italy, around 1700. A time when the well-off in society bathed in luxury, immersed in gold brocade and burgundy silk, in sumptuous meals and great music. These are the times a beautiful boy's voice is deemed invaluable and people went as far as they could to maintain it that way. This is the era of the castrati.

What one has done to Angelo, is irreversible. His voice will never change. He will never have children. He will never get married.
But Angelo grows into a young man with needs and desires as every other. He knows that he's leading the life of the priviliged. He also knows that he is worth very much to the conservatory: he is the best singer they have. But is this the life he will choose to lead forever?
There seems a way out, when Prince Ferdinando De 'Medici notices him.

Angelo has to make an impossible choice ...

The castrato is a compelling, exciting, delightful novel that begs to be turned into a movie.


Ilse Bos & Linde Faas

A pretty bunch of children that will get a special place in your heart, created by an unprecedented writing talent.

TroepThey are thirteen: Pola - who tells the story - Vanya, Vladimir, Wally, Aznar, Knut, Wolke, Mo, Hidde, Nillem, Trijn and the twins Flip and Trijntje.
A jumble of children from all over the place, who live together, chaoticly but comfortably, on a houseboat, while their mother is away (she is traveling the world, looking for the love of her life).
But their pleasant life is threatened by Ms Bitches of the Agency for Protection of Children, who wants to take the children away, to offer them a Safe and Happy Home. As if that's not enough, strange things begin to happen . . .

We turned the corner, towards the schoolyard. We walked quickly, as always, because we were late, as always.
Suddenly I came to a halt. So abrupt that Vanya, who was right behind me, ran into my back.
There was no schoolyard around the corner.
The schoolyard was gone.
The only thing left was a hole. A large, deep hole with brown water on the bottom and chipped tiles along the edges.

This is just the beginning. The thirteen children soon find themselves in the midst of a whirlwind of miraculous events - recurrent fathers, searches for a new berth, and meetings with the Accidentals . . .


The Big Book of Robin

Sjoerd Kuyper & Marije Tolman

De grote Robin

All prize-winning Robin stories in a single, magnificent full-colour edition

Who doesn't know Robin, Sjoerd Kuyper's wonderful five-year-old? Here we have an omnibus of all prizewinning Robin tales.

Robin and Suze: winner of the Silver Pen. Robin's mother has a big tummy. Robin guesses rightly: he is going to have a little brother or sister.

Robin and God: winner of the Golden Pen. Robin is sure God lives in a star he sees in the sky. But his parents do not believe in God. Grandfather does, and so Robin asks his grandfather who God is.

Robin in love: winner of the Silver Pen. Robin is in love, with his teacher, with the girl next door, with his greatgrandma, and, as it turns out, with all the girls in the world.

Marije Tolman - awarded the BRAW in 2010 and the Golden Slate Pencil for The Treehouse - had the honour of giving Robin a new face in Robin and the Shooting Star, and here again, she's wonderfully illustrated this special omnibus.

De grote Robin

Flea and Spikey

Pieter Koolwijk
Illustrated by Linde Faas

Vlo en StiekelAn exciting and surprising debut middle grade novel where you can never be sure what is real and what is fantasy.

Meet Floyd, otherwise known as Flea. He's not so brave, rather small, and constantly being hassled by Arnold the bully. His life isn't very exciting until a new student joins his class. A petite girl with colorful clothes.

With a broad grin on her freckled face she surveyed the classroom. Her eyes twinkled. All the prying eyes and gaping mouths didn't seem to bother her at all. On the contrary, she seemed to enjoy all the attention. ‘This is Phoebe,' said Mrs. Jutter, introducing her. The girl looked up at the teacher ... ‘But most people call me Spikey.'

Spikey is not afraid of anything. She isn't even afraid of Arnold, and she takes Floyd under her wing. Slowly but surely Floyd discovers that life isn't as ordinary as he thought. Spikey shares a big secret with him and Arnold turns out to have a voodoo mother. When Arnold discovers that Floyd knows, Floyd lands in big trouble. How will Flea and Spikey escape the wrath of Arnold and the machinations of his mother? And how will Floyd come to terms with his pesty nickname?

With plenty of humor, Peter Koolwijk introduces the reader to the world of Flea and Spikey where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur. Linde Faas gives Spikey - the girl everyone wants to be friends with - her cheerful and unique form.

Spikey is the spiritual sister of Pippi Longstocking.

Vlo en Stiekel

Bert and Bart and the Zombie Army

Tjibbe Veldkamp & Kees de Boer

A new nonsensical and hilarious Bert and Bart-adventure

Bert and Bart are fond of reading, in particular Zombie Comics. They spent all their days reading, until their mother Viola Butterfly interferes. She wishes Bert en Bart to become more sporty, and has hired a specialized ‘Brain Squeezer' who abruptly takes away their comics. Poor boys - only a victory in a series of ridicule competitions can get their comics back. But they don't succeed, and Bert en Bart realize they need stronger measurements to conquer this Brain Squeezer. They come up with a plan only Zombie Comics fanatics can come up with. Will they be able to save their Comics ánd humanity?

Funny and swift with full color illustrations by Kees de Boer.

A book children will fall in love with!

Bert en Bart en de zoen van de zombie


Eva Moraal

A breath taking page turner: a dystopian novel, a love story - a dream debut!

This dramatic love story is set after the Great Flood when the country is divided between the safe, dry areas and those vulnerable to further flooding. The country's population is similarly divided, with the Dry forming the wealthy elite, and the Wet the working class scratching a living in order to survive. A resistance movement arises from the Wet.

Nina is a Dry, the daughter of the Governor. In the last flood, her school was inundated and her sister drowned, and she is now forced to go to another school in the Wet area, under a false name. There she meets Max, a Wet. They're asked to do a joint assignment.

At first suspicious, they soon become fascinated by each other's worlds and start to become friends. But their situation is complex: Max's father died during the last flood, and the Governor played a questionable role in this, and Max's brother is a member of the rather violent resistance movement. What will happen when Max finds out who Nina really is?

The book rises to a climax, through alternating chapters, one from Max's viewpoint and the next from Nina's.

Torrent is a book to read in one fell swoop. You will not be able to put it down, and once finished, it will resound in your mind, make you think, make you wish for more. A terrific debut from a promising writer.


Ring Around the Rosie

Anna van Praag

Sita and Lot are two Dutch girls, fully naturalized in the Spanish village where Lot's father has a restaurant and Sita's parents run a yoga retreat. For years Sita and Lot have been bosom friends and soul mates.

As they grow older, their friendship becomes more complicated. Lot still loves to disappear into her fantasy elf world, while Sita is exploring other aspects of life. Even though she tries, Lot doesn't understand her best friend any more, and she feels abandoned. To make matters worse, the dream of a long and happy life in Spain splinters when Sita's parents decide to move back to the Netherlands and Lot's parents' marriage breaks. Lot's father stays in Spain, while the others all return to the Netherlands.

Lot has to build a new life with her mother. And she discovers Sita has been keeping a big secret from her...

Kom hier Rosa

High above the clouds

Dream debut by Carolien Ceton

Loosje is not having an easy time at home; sometimes her mother simply doesn't know how to be cheerful and therefore Loosje and she have trouble feeling connected. Fortunately, Loosje is not alone; she can speak to her father on an old bakelite telephone, and she can tell him just about everything. At school , at least, all is well, and Loosje has a best friend Mari, with whom she can totally be herself.

Then on her ninth birthday, Loosje's mother surprises her with a beautiful gift. Could this mark a new start? On the same day,  Loosje accidentally breaks the precious telephone. How can she be in contact with her father now?

There is not a word too many in this lovely, moving tale, one that will remain with the reader for some time.

Hoog boven de wolken

The keeper of the key

Marco Kunst

The small kingdom of Myr is in the grip of fear. A paralyzing vetch grows rampant, and in the water a monster lurks. The monster Gruwel strikes with full vehemence.

Timeo grew up in the forest. He longs for the day when he can enter the old city and share the company of knights and noblemen... but he knows that's impossible. His parents have fled the city, because the king wanted them killed. Nobody must know where they are.

But that all changes when Gruwel advances upon the city. Only Timeo can save Myr. He must bring the king the key which has been in the possession of his family for decades... handed down from father to son. And that's just the beginning of his adventures...

The Keeper of the Key is an epic story in the best of traditions. Timeo is a similar character to Tiuri from The Letter for the King and Frodo from The Lord of the Rings.

De sleuteldrager

My Name Is Olivia ... And I Can't Do Anything About It

Jowi Schmitz

How do you cope with the loss of your mother, while your father is jolted as well? With wit, courage, humor and improvising.

Olivia is ten years old. The major problem in her life is that her mother died. The second major problem is that her father doesn't really know what to do ...
Olivia and her father live on a small boat in the garden of a barbershop. Temporarily, says her dad. But how long is temporarily? And how do you get away from a boat in a garden with a father who doesn't know what to do, without a mother, but with lots of memories of how life was before?

Smart for her age and vulnerable, brave and funny - Olivia will steal your heart.

Ik heet Olivia en daar kan ik ook niks aan doen

Love, Love and More Love

Mariken Jongman

It's about time for 'The First Time'... don't you agree?

In Love, Love and More Love Kiek decides that she wants to make love to a boy for the first time. She even makes a bet with her best friend about it. But what's the plan? How do you go about doing 'it' for the first time? On top of this attempt she has to deal with a father who is insecure about his lifestyle, not being a rock star anymore. And as if Kiek hasn't got enough on her mind already the boy she really has a crush on, falls for her mother?!

Step in the roller coaster that symbolizes Kiek's life.

Again Mariken Jongman succeeded in stealing all reader's hearts.

Liefde, liefde, nog eens liefde


Mariken Jongman

New title by Mariken Jongman, following her earlier novel Rits. The familiar theme of a girl in search of her natural father is taken here to a deeper level and involves several kinds of relationships. In a true-to-life story, 14-year-old Kiek Florijn, rebellious, enterprising yet vulnerable, starts looking for her unknown father. All she knows is that he used to play bass in a band. As her quest continues she unravels more than she had hoped for.

'Right from the start Jongman creates that special condition all successful youth novels have in common: you get caught up in a bubble which swells so greatly that you no longer want to leave it. Her style is smooth; she weaves her sentences into a novel with incredible ease.'

From: De Volkskrant, 30-10-2009, Pjotr van Lenteren


Tiffany Grace

A gripping and utterly original teenage portrait written by 'new voice' Tjibbe Veldkamp.

Tough girl Tiffany lives in a rough district and in raw reality with her single mother who is entirely bound up in herself and her two half-brothers who seem unable to stay out of trouble. She is miserable at home until one day she holds a baby and is startled by  feelings of love and tenderness. She decides that she wants to hold on to that feeling, no matter what. In the course of the adventure she then gets mixed up in she realizes that extreme measures are sometimes needed to achieve what you wish for.

Tjibbe Veldkamp's short, spare sentences match Tiffany's personality perfectly. He is able to empathise with his characters with absurd humour and quirkiness. His style is powerful, authentic, fluent and expressive.

Tiffany Dop

It's A Wonderful Life

Jesse Goossens

A captivating coming-of-age story

 A movie can be like life itself. And sometimes, life can be just like a movie.

What a pity excuse for a holiday! While her friends party in Europe, Anna - a Dutch seventeen year old - is sent to her uncle who lives in a tiny town in Pennsylvania. Bakerton: two streets, a church, a diner, two undertakers and a steam engine that spills out a bunch of tourists on a daily basis.

Anna feels betrayed.
How was she to know that she would feel at home in Bakerton?
That she would meet the most intriguing people?
That she would spend her holiday wearing vintage dresses selling antiques, and learn about funeral rituals?
If only she knew that she would learn about life this summer... and a little more about herself as well...

"Interesting characters abound, all thoughtfully, believably sketched ... A slowly paced, heartfelt coming-of-age tale that effectively, albeit placidly explores life-and death-in small-town America."

It's A Wonderful Life


Tjibbe Veldkamp

Prize-winning novel by new voice Tjibbe Veldkamp about dealing with the loss of a loved one, showing the effects of grief on a person. Veldkamp puts a biazarre family situation into perspective in a matter-of-fact way and with humour.

Bas is getting tired of his father who keeps trying to make contact with his late wife Anna. Caught up in his personal grief, he unintentionally neglects his sons. When Bas receives a text message on his mobile one night from 'anna', his father is more convinced than ever that he has succeeded in contacting her. Bas decides to find out who sent the message. In the process he learns that grief can change a person, himself included. Eventually his father comes back down to earth, realising that he has two sons who need his attention.