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Thea Beckman

Thea BeckmanThea Beckman, born in 1923 in Rotterdam, is the most famous historical fiction author for young people in The Netherlands. Her books have been awarded countless prestigious prizes and remain popular for readers of all ages. Her breakout novel Crusade in Jeans was first released in 1973 and she has gone on to write more than twenty books. In addition to her historical fiction, Thea Beckman has written books on contemporary issues (My Father Lives in Brazil, Gifted Children) and futuristic fiction (the trilogy Children of Mother Earth, Infernal Paradise, The Golden Fleece of Thule). With an uncanny ability to bring other times and settings to life, Beckman's characters are always grounded in the reality of the human condition.

Kruistocht in spijkerbroekCrusade in Jeans

A classic. When Dolf time travels from the 20th century back to the middle ages, he lands in the middle of a children's crusade. Conditions are bad and growing worse: starvation, disease, wild animals, and, worst of all, a futile, senseless war. Dolf tries to bring order to the chaos in spite of knowing the crusade is doomed to failure. Along the way, he finds friendship, loyalty, and courage as well as betrayal and evil. This enthralling story gives readers vivid insight into the children's crusades and life in a different, darker, day.

Zwerftocht met KoriluWorld Trip Without a Penny

Jasper is so smart that he does not attend school any more. He sits on a bench in the park and bored. This is where he meets the Korilu, a small creature that fits in his pocket, and who convinces him that the only way to really learn something is by making a world tour on foot.

Acompanied by the impatient, inquisitive and bossy Korilu, Jasper makes an exciting world trip, visiting all continents. World Trip Without a Penny guarantees an adventurous and funny read.

Mijn vader woont in BrazilieMy Father Lives in Brazil

Monique's mother is not married. Some parents think that's a shame, and they don't allow their children to associate with Monique.

The only thing Monique knows about her father, is that he lives in Brazil.  But then he turns up and wants to marry her mother...

Jan Terlouw

Jan TerlouwJan Terlouw was born in 1931 and his varied career includes serving as a member of the Dutch Parliament and as the Minister of Economic Affairs. In spite of his public duties, he still found time to write and has become one of Holland's most successful and revered author of books for children. Jan Terlouw is also popular abroad and has been published in more than twenty languages. His work has been recognized with national and international prizes. Terlouw writes about contemporary issues, using his experience in politics to explore such topics as democracy and the use of power yet staying true to his gift for crafting compelling and exciting stories.


Winter in Wartime

The time is the waning days of World War II and the place is a small town in German-occupied Holland. Fifteen-year-old Michiel's father has just been executed by the Nazis and the grieving son becomes involved in the Resistance. Only Michiel can save the downed RAF pilot in the forest, only Michiel can take on the tasks left by men and boys who are now gone. Dare he expose his family to more danger? Does the young boy have the courage to continue the work of determined men? This award-winning autobiographical novel was made into an award-winning film that was featured at many prestigious film festivals and appeared on the short list for the Academy Awards (Foreign Language Film) in 2010.

Koning van KatorenHow to Become King

The country of Katoren loses its fun-loving king and six power-hungry ministers seize control to form a provisional government until a new king is found. Seventeen years later, a teen named Stark declares that he wants to be king and the ministers devise seven impossible tasks for him to overcome in order to claim the crown. By listening carefully to people's ideas, Stark manages to find creative solutions for each task. How to Become King is a thrilling and magical adventure with a strong satirical streak.

De kloofThe Gorge

For over forty-five years the country of Mountain-and-Vale has been split up by a deep gorge. The people of Mountain have already accepted that no bridge will ever be built, but the people of Vale live miserable lives.

When sixteen-year-old Yonder finds the remnants of an old diary, containing notes on plans for a bridge over the gorge, he goes to investigate. Why was the bridge never built?

Gevangenis met open deurPrison with an open door

Former Commissioner Keizer has been worrying for years about young people joining 'The Living Souls'-cult. He wants to prove that the cult is a source of criminal activities, and he finds three young people willing to infiltrate.

Will they succeed to unmask the cult leader?

Oom WillibrodUncle Willibrord

If you join Uncle Willibrord to the carnival or circus, you can be sure something strange will happen. Something so unexpected that everyone will laugh if you tell them later at school.

Uncle Willibrord has never been afraid in his life. Certainly not for animals--he understands all animals and they understand him. You should have seen the lions when Uncle suddenly made a handstand in the middle of the lion cage ...
Yes, Uncle Willibrord is the best uncle in the world!


Ever since his mother died, Pyotr and his father Sergei are living together. They are the best of friends.

When Sergei knocks down a man who attacks Pyotr, he is sentenced to work in a labor camp in Siberia. Pyotr decides to follow his trails, but will he ever find his father again?

YEigen rechterour Own Judge

Even though Justus' father has committed a crime, he is acquitted for lack of evidence. Justus' sense of justice is hurt so deeply, that he runs away from home.
On his flight Justus meets an illegal refugee who has been working in the country for years, but is threatened to be expelled. He also sees how a shrewd businessman can swindle, entirely within the law. Gradually he finds that the law is not as straightforward to interpret as he would hope.

Paul Biegel

Paul BiegelPaul Biegel, born in 1925 in Bussum, is one of Holland's most highly acclaimed writers for children. His timeless fairy tales and stories capture the hearts of both children and adults all over the world. Biegel's place in the pantheon of children's authors is assured by the storytelling that has enjoyed decades of uninterrupted success with readers and critics alike. Influenced by Tolkien and the Grimm brothers, Biegel created his own inimitable style with imaginative multi-layered plots and lyrical fantasy filled with fairies, witches, dwarfs, giants, robbers, and royalty. Biegel has been published successfully in English, French, German, Danish, Swedish, Welsh, South African, Japanese, Turkish, Greek, and Spanish.

De grote kleine kapiteinThe Little Captain

The Little Captain built his boat "Neverleak" out of a bathtub, a stove, a chair leg and a bicycle chain. When, at last, also the screw is finished -- made ​​of molten bronze cents -- a high wave lifts the "Neverleak" of the dune. The adventurous journeys of the Little Captain and his cronies Tubby, Marinka and Timid Tony can begin.

Paul Biegel wrote three books about the Little Captain. The Little Captain, The Little Captain and the Seven Towers and The Little Captain and the Pirate Treasure. The three titels are combined in this beautiful colourfully illustrated omnibus.

Het sleutelkruidKing of the Copper Mountain

Old King Mansolin's heart is failing and only a special herb can save him. A miracle worker undertakes a long journey to fetch the herb. In a twist on Arabian Nights, he enlists the animals to go visit the king and tell him their most exciting adventures in the hope that they will distract him and his heart will hold out a bit longer. The animals do just that, giving the miracle worker the hours and days he needs to bring the herb to the king in time. The stories of each animal fit into the complete and perfect whole to make for an exciting, masterfully written adventure.

Rover HoepsikaRobber Oopsadaisy

Hupsadaisy becomes a robber on the day his mother dies. Like Robin Hood, he steals from the rich and gives to the poor. Fearing nothing and no one, he bravely rescues a beautiful young lady.

De vloek van WoestewolfThe Curse of the Wildwolf

A chest full of gold is delivered to Dr. Kroch's house along with a letter imploring the good doctor to cure a severe case of gold fever. Dr. Kroch and his faithful servant Valet set out on a quest to find the sender, the legendary Count Wildwolf.

De tuinen van DorrThe Gardens of Dorr 

Biegel's masterpiece focuses on the struggle between good and evil about the Princess Iamyours and her gardener boy, Notyours. Vengeful witch Sirdis casts a spell upon Notyours that turns him into a strange flower. The spell can only be broken by planting the flower in the right garden. To find the garden, Iamyours must go to the once beautiful, now gray and gloomy city of Dorr. Sirdis has withdrawn all life from its streets, leaving it bereft of breath and hope. Will Iamyours' love be strong enough to break the spell and bring the dead city of Dorr back to life?

Beautifully illustrated by Charlotte Dematons

Ik wou dat ik anders wasI Wish I Was Different  

A clumsy nearsighted and overweight boy  desperately wishes he was different. Perhaps the Great Wizard will fulfill his wish if he learns the seven-times table? He discovers that learning multiplication--and especially the seven times-- indeed makes him different.

De Rode PrinsesThe Red Princess 

The 12-year-old princess has never stepped outside the gates of the royal palace and some of her subjects doubt that she even exists. One day, she leaves the palace and is abducted by three robbers, but she doesn't mind. The over-protected princess is having the time of her life!

De dwergjes van TuilThe Dwarfs of Nosegay

A collection of imaginative, cheerful stories about the lives and adventures of the dwarfs on the heath, and of Virgil of Inverness, the hundred-and-first dwarf, who left one day to explore the world, and now finally returns.

Each chapter is a self-contained story; they are great to read aloud to young children.

Virgilius van TuilVirgil of Nosegay

Virgil and a hundred other dwarves live in the heath. His companions love their quiet life, but Virgil longs for adventure and decides to look for it in a far more crowded place--a city where humans live!

Anke de Vries

Anke de VriesAnke de Vries, born in 1936 in Goningen, married a Frenchman and has lived in various countries before settling in France. Her first book was published in 1972 and she continues to write picture books and novels for young people. She tends to write in two categories--books set in Holland that usually focus on contemporary issues such as discrimination, child abuse and environmental problems, and those in France which are more mysterious and adventurous. All of her books show her deep feelings for people facing the problems of today's world.

Blauwe plekkenBruises

When his mother dies, Michael moves to America with his lawyer father who makes the bereaved boy through away his "babyish" teddy bear. Eventually, Michael is sent back to Holland where he meets Judith, who tries to hide the bruises inflicted on her by an abusive mother. She tells her new friend that the marks are caused by the gangs of boys who beat her up on her way home and blames herself. With compelling drama and authenticity, Bruises shines an insightful and empathetic light on a delicate and difficult situation.

Belledonne kamer 16Belledonne Room  

Seventeen-year-old Robert is led on an intriguing quest by a few cryptic phrases in a notebook and a bullet found among his grandfather's belongings in Paris. Curiosity leads him to a small village in the French Alps and the identity of the owner of the notebook, one Robert Macy. During his investigation, he learned the grandfather of the girl he now loves murdered that same Robert Macy because he was Jewish. Conflicted, Robert must decide whether to tell her the truth or leave the past undisturbed.


Twenty-five years ago, someone was murdered in a French village. The culprits were found and convicted. But were they really guilty?

Marcella's father was one of the "culprits",  but she is convinced that he is innocent and she will prove it!

Weg uit het verledenFlight from the past

Mark's girlfriend was killed in a car accident. Haunted by memories he flees to France, to help people to renovate a house. But there's something strange going on with the house...

Het grote boek van FlorienIn our street

It's the middle of summer, Florien has just moved house. She can't get used to her new street, but luckily she gets to know a boy.

Memo zwijgtMemo keeps silent

Memo, a Kurdish boy, is brought to the Netherlands by his father. He is not happy about this, therefore he decides not to talk anymore.

Evert Hartman

Evert HartmanEvert Hartman, born in 1937 in Dedemsvaart, began his writing career with adult thrillers and turned to children's books in 1978. War Without Friends, a controversial story of the 14-year-old son of a collaborator during WWII, was an immediate success, winning the European Prize for Topical Juvenile Literature. Hartman encouraged his readers to think for themselves by choosing controversial topics with no easy answers. Though he died in 1994, Evert Hartman's books continue to be popular with both youth and adults.

War Without Friends

This controversial story set of the 14-year-old son of a collaborator explores difficult dilemmas. Arnold's father is a member of the Dutch National Socialist Movement and Arnold himself belongs to its youth division. Arnold moves from blind acceptance of his allegiance to the Movement to doubting it, disliking it, and finally rejecting it. Then, when the girl he loves works for the Resistance, Arnold helps her to escape. In the end, his family flees to Germany but Arnold stays behind, alone, without friends or understanding.

Oorlog zonder vrienden

Simone van der Vlugt

Simone van der VlugtSimone van der Vlugt, born in 1966 in Hoorn, was a success with the publication of her first book, De Amulet. Her popularity has continued to grow and she has the nominations and awards to prove it including the Young Jury and the Dutch Children's Jury. Her thrilling historical fiction is thoroughly researched and remarkably wide-ranging.

De amuletFetish

1630. The witch hunt is in full swing. Women of all ages are suspected of witchcraft and are burned at the stake. 15-year-old Nina is suspected to be a witch. She knows things she really can not know, and her mother was burned as a witch.

Nina begins to suspect that the accusations might be true, maybe she is a witch ... Dressed as boy she tries to escape her fate.

De guillotineThe Guillotine

France, 1789. Sandrine de Billancourt is the lone survivor when her aristocratic family is murdered by the National Guard. She escapes and finds refuge with a poor family, adapting to her new life of hard work and suspicious people.

BloedgeldBlood Money

Holland, 1653. Reinout joins a merchant ship of the United East India Company. When a large part of the crew falls victim to scurvy due to the greed of the captain and the Company, Reinout seizes power and turns pirate.

Zwarte sneeuw

Black Snow

Holland, 1845. Working conditions in the mines are grim. With her entire family employed by the mine, Emma Mullender realizes that she is not the only one who thinks laborers have a right to a decent human life.