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Children Just Like You
Refugee Stories

Natalie Righton & Ton Koene

Gevlucht uit TibetA colorful book about child refugees

During their world travels, Natalie Righton and Ton Koene met with children who were forced to leave their home and country.
Lobsang, a young Tibetan monk is one of them.
In Chad, the authors talked to Zanoessie and in Columbia to Maria.
In Jordan, they met Fatima and in Thailand Moe Ji, the Burmese "giraffe girl."

The result is a sometimes heartbreaking, but often humorous book.

Help, My Igloo Is Melting!

Natalie Righton & Ton Koene

How do you survive climate change? Hear stories from children around the world who are affected by this threatening phenomenon.

Help, mijn iglo smelt!We all know the climate is changing. But what does that mean when you live in the Arctic? Or in the rainforest in South America? Or on an island that is slowly drowning in the Pacific? Or in the African desert?

Natalie Righton and Ton Koene visited children in areas where climate change is already affecting their daily lives. They met Jemery in Gjoa Haven, Halima in Ethiopia, Toei in Funafala and Tepkatsie in Brazil. Halima's area is drying out, Toei is threatened by the raising water. What are the impacts? Here are just two: the ice on the North Pole is melting, so the polar bears can't hunt anymore and in Brazil more and more trees are cut down, causing erosion, pollution and more devastating consequences.

With hundreds of vivid, colorful pictures and clear background information.

Plastic Soup

Jesse Goossens

The book that changed the way of thinking about plastic waste in The Netherlands!

Plastic Soep

A vast amount of plastic waste - twice the size of the United States - is floating in the Pacific Ocean.  Welcome to the Great Pacific Garbage Path: the Plastic Soup. 

Plastic is an incredible material we can't do without, but it also creates the biggest pollution problem imaginable.  This is something Jesse Goossens discovers during her travels and conversations across the United States and Europe.  Her blogs and interviews are shocking, fascinating and dismaying.  In this full-color book, she uncovers the effects of plastic waste on our health and on the environment, not only in the Pacific Ocean, but everywhere on earth.

'Jesse Goossens' important book dramatically illustrates the effect we have had...We need to understand that we are part of a grand ecosystem which we share with all other life on Earth.'
- H R H Princess Irene (in the Preface)